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Looking for all the essential information to plan and prepare for your Inca trail? Find here in this section the ultimate travel of the Inca Trail

Am I fit enough to do the Inca trail?

We have multiple options so everyone can enjoy the trail. They each vary in difficulty, route,length and comfort. Please visit the Inca Trail page to view all you options. The classic Inca is challenging but we are here to support and guide. Don’t miss out due to fear of not being fit, inquire into our other options such as 2 day Inca. You need to book the Inca trail far in advance so if you will have time to train to improve your fitness if you feel it necessary.

What does the difficulty rating mean?

Each trek is assigned a difficulty level. This has been developed based on prior information of the trek and feedback from previous clients. The ratings in ascending order are as follows:

Easy – Moderate – Challenging – Difficult

What should I bring to the Inca Trail?

Each trek is different and you will obviously modify your packing list if you are in a hotel or camping. A rough guide for a camping tour is:

Day Pack: Everything you would need during the day. Essentials: Water bottle/s of 3 liters in total, waterproofs (jacket and pants), extra socks, bug repellent, sunscreen, extra layer i.e. jumper, sun hat / beanie, any medication you need including inhalers. Optional: Walking poles, camera, sunglasses, phone, lip balm (UV rays here are some of the highest in the word), extra clothing, snacks (although we do provide you with this), whistle. If you are unsure whether you will need an item, just as us during briefing or on your inquiry form when booking. Do bear in mind some of our trips include packed lunches so you will be required to carry this on the day. Make sure you have enough room in your backpack for this.

Duffel bag: This is where all your extras go that you will need for subsequent days or during the evening/night. Essentials: warm jumper/jacket for the evenings, beanie if you have not already packed it in your day bag, light weight shoes for wearing around camp such as trainers or flipflops, head torch / torch, extra clothing for the days you have (you do not need a new change of clothes for every day, this will increase your weight in your duffel bag and you only have a finite limit). Optional: Battery pack for your phone, talcum powder for your feet or any chaffing areas, make up, notebook. Once again if you are unsure about any items or wonder if we provide them please ask either in your inquiry form or during briefing. You will need to pack you air mattress and sleeping bag in the duffel bag also, however Southern Peru will provide these.

Do I need money?

Yes, we strongly advise you being spending money. There are multiple shops/stall en route within a lot of the trails which make for a good ice cream stop or trinket buying opportunity. We also visit local towns which you will be able to buy breakfast on the first day, and for some treks lunch on the last day, as these are not included. Please be aware that although we supply you with meals, snacks, water, we do not provide alcoholic beverages on slot of the treks unless it is a luxury tour, so if you are wanting this you shall have to purchase it yourself.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No you do not need to speak Spanish. The people you deal with at Southern Peru all speak English, from booking your trip to the guides who will accompany you along your adventure. It is handy to pick up a few phrases to be friendly and get around before and after your trip with us, although on your trek we shall be there to support and translate if needed.

What happens if i have a medical condition?

You know yourself better than anyone else if your medical condition will hinder your trip or not. It is imperative that you let us know however, especially if you intend to carry medications with you. We can advise on the best options if we are aware and also make special provisions if needed. Although if you do have an ongoing medical condition we highly urge you to seek council with your doctor before booking onto any trek.


What happens if I have dietary needs?

Not a problem , we can cater for you. Please, let us know at the time of booking so we can ensure tasty options for you!

How long do I need to become accustomed to altitude?

It is recommended that at least a couple of days in Cusco before starting any trek. Some struggle with the altitude more than others, if you find you are being affected by it, take time to relax and don’t exert yourself too much , take altitude sickness tablets, drink plenty of water. Whilst on the trek our guides are highly sensitive to any triggers and have a lot of experience in dealing with it. They carry oxygen to help with anyone struggling.

Where can I stay in Cusco before and after the trek?

There are multiple options of places to stay depending on your budget and what you are looking for. A google search will aid with research however we can give you an insiders opinion so please at the time of inquiry just ask us and we can recommend somewhere to suit you personally. However, do be mindful our service picks you up from your accommodation and drops you back. So our van/s will need street access to your accommodation, Cusco has lots of narrow streets on hillsides that this will not be possible so please look into this when securing your accommodation. If we are unable to pick you up from your accommodation due to this, we will reorganize with you, another collection point, although this will be your responsibility to get yourself to that alternative location.

What if I am a solo traveler?

Our pricings’ are based off of a minimum of 2 people for our treks as we are a private tour company. However, if you are wanting to book with us we still would love to have you. Please send into us an inquiry stating you are a solo traveler and we can show you the options available. It may be you can join a tour that has appropriate numbers or we can redirect you to our sister company which is more specifically aimed at solo travelers and backpackers.

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