Please read the Terms and Conditions below so that you are informed about the state of your booking.


After receiving information about your booking we require a deposit, once we have received your deposit and we have received a signed copy of our terms and conditions from you we can then confirm your reservation with us.


Southern Peru Explorers requires a 50% deposit of your overall total to continue with any booking. If the deposit is not received within one week of requesting the deposit then some of the services due to availability may be unbookable. Southern Peru Explorers does not take responsibility for unavailable services if payments from the client are late.This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a guest cancellation. The remaining balance for your expedition must be paid before a given date, communicated to you by our booking agents. If it is not then Southern Peru Explorers has the right to cancel your booking without a refund. Please be aware that prices quoted are for our services and your trek/tour. Any transfer fees taken by banks or paypal is at the cost of you as the client. Please consider this when transfering money. For your reference paypal takes 6% of the total you send.


We, Southern Peru Explorers, maintain the right to cancel any trip for the following reasons: If guest payment is not received before the deadline given by the booking agent. In this case, your deposit is nonrefundable. The inability to operate a tour due to extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to extreme weather, technical issues, overbooking, the closing of accommodations, protests, government or tourism bodies’ decisions. When these situations occur, Southern Peru Explorers will try it’s best to maintain the original travel plans. If carrying out the original travel plans is not possible, we may alter the amount of time spent in a destination or omit a part of the travel package to keep you safe. In these circumstances, no refunds will be given for cost outside of the trek including but not limited to : visa costs, medical costs, airplane tickets, hotel bookings etc. However, Southern Peru Explorers will aid in alternative arrangements, with all additional costs being paid for by the client.


If you need to change your original travel plans with us, the price for the alteration will depend on the scope of the alternation you request. If you request a minor change that does not greatly affect the travel itinerary, we will not charge you an additional fee. For large requests that require significant communication, new or additional tickets or entrance fees, or cancelations, we will charge you with an additional fee. If tickets have already been purchased under a clients name and they wish to change or cancel these, there shall be no refund and any other tickets that need to be purchased will be at the extra cost of the client. If a request for changes is after the start date of the tour, we will do our best to grant these changes, however, we cannot guarantee that the request/s will be granted


If you choose to cancel your tour, you must submit your cancelation in writing to Southern Peru Explorers via email. Unfortunately, your deposit will not be refunded. We must receive a cancellation in writing from you at least 60 days in advance of your departure date to receive a 50% refund. If you inform us of your cancellation 30-59 days before your departure date, you will receive a 20% refund. If you inform us of your cancellation within 30 days of your departure date, you will not be eligible for a refund. Additionally, we are not liable to return any money that has already been spent in your name that is not covered by the deposit for your trek, such as food, lodging, guides,porters, tickets etc nor are we responsible for any cancellation fees incurred.


At Southern Peru Explorers, we strive to put you in authentic environments, to show you the true landscape of Peru. Therefore, there is an innate element of risk in our itineraries. In booking a tour with Southern Peru Explorers, you, as our client, accept the risk of possible physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or damage to your property. You are responsible for knowing your own physical and emotional health and your limits and are required to disclose this information to your guide. You choose to omit this information at your own risk. Ultimately, you must assess your ability to take on the risks inherent to our expeditions, before booking a tour with us. Southern Peru Explorers is absolved of all responsibility or costs associated with injuries or accidents that affect client health during their trip.


Throughout the duration of your tour, your Southern Peru Explorers guide will have the final say on all issues that could endanger the health or safety of any or all members of the tour group. Furthermore, we expect that you adhere to all laws, drug regulations, and customs of Peru. Clients who refuse to comply with the following guidelines, and/or who pose a threat to themselves or others, will be rightfully removed from their tour by a tour guide without a refund.


You are responsible for securing proper identification before your departure to Peru. You must have a legal passport with more than 6-month validity and an authorized visa to travel in Peru. While Southern Peru Explorers may make suggestions regarding visas, vaccinations, packing requirements, etc., these suggestions are given in good faith and are not ultimately our responsibility.


The camp sites specified on the SPE website and are handbooks are Southern Perus prefered websites. However, if space in the campsite is not available or unsafe for any reason the guide has the right to change campsite. This will be as close to the original campsite as possible but may provide an extra walk. The change of campsite will be communicated to you as early as possible. Furthermore, the distances and times specified by Southern Peru Explorers of the treks is approx and depends on the activities for the day and the ability of the group. 


For large groups of over 12 if stated so at the time of booking and confirmed by Southern Peru Explorers we will waive the tour fee for one participant who is willing to be the trip leader. In return the responsibilities of the trip leader are to speak on behalf of all participants in the booking with regards to providing the correct information to both Southern Peru Explorers and the participants within the party. They also sign the terms and conditions for the party as a whole. It is the Trip leaders duty to ensure the other members of the group are aware of these terms and conditions. They are solely responsible for the collection of fees and payments and shall be held accountable for any issues surrounding this topic. Southern Peru Explorers takes no responsibility for participants being misinformed if the correct information has previously been communicated to the trip leader. *Please note Southern Peru Explorers may refer to this person as: tour leader, trip leader, tour organiser, trip coordinator or an amalgamation of these words. However, they all refer to the person who is in charge of the booking and duties are explained above.


Southern Peru Explorers is not responsible for damages or losses associated with extenuating or unforeseeable circumstances that are outside of our control. While Southern Peru Explorers work hard to minimize risk, we are not responsible for matters which can include but are not limited to, visa refusal, closed borders, political issues (strikes, war, government mandates, etc.), extreme weather, delayed flights, or mechanical failures. As a result of these unforeseeable circumstances, you will assume all extra costs required to rebook, avoid, or ensure your safety

While Southern Peru Explorers operate the majority of the services included in our tours ourselves, we book flight tickets, accommodations, and certain experiences with other operators. Southern Peru Explorers vets these companies to maintain our high standards, but these companies are independent of our organization and we cannot accept responsibility for any negligence on behalf of third-party operators. Furthermore, Southern Peru Explorers cannot be held liable for any damages/losses of property or injuries/ death to clients due to airline companies, transportation companies, accommodations, or any other third party that we work with. Additionally, any cancellations, delays, inconveniences, physical and/or emotional distress due to these outside companies are not our responsibility. In the event of cancellation by a third party organization of a service sold to our company, we will refund the money paid by the participant for that service, but accept no liability beyond this. While traveling with the airline booked, conditions and rules of this airline apply, and Southern Peru Explorers is not responsible for any money lost or additional consequences as a result of delays, cancellations, missed connections, etc.


Any complaints regarding our company and/or your tour must first be addressed with your tour guide or representative of Southern Peru Explorers to allow ample time to try to fix the issue/s. If the issue/s have not been addressed, you are responsible for submitting a complaint in writing to Southern Peru Explorers within seven days of the final day of your tour. Complaints will be exclusively addressed in Cusco, Peru under the jurisdiction of Peruvian Law. Damage claims against Southern Peru Explorers are limited to the value of the item and are not to exceed the price of the tour booked. However, Southern Peru Explorers does not accept liability for any accidental or inadvertent losses. While Southern Peru Explorers takes responsibility for the representatives we recruit, however, we do not take responsibility for third party employees or travel agents. Your booking and payment for reservations on any Southern Peru Explorers tour or excursion include your implied consent to all of the above Terms & Conditions, creating a binding agreement between Southern Peru Explorers and you


Southern Peru Explorers staff will occasionally take photographs during your trip to use for promotional purposes on social media, our website and advertising. If you wish for your photograph to not be used in this way please list the names
of the participants in the field booking!

These Terms and Conditions are signed by one participant from the booking who is in correspondence with Southern
Peru Explorers. Please note this person is signing on behalf of all participants within their booking and it is this person’s
responsibility to make sure all members are aware of the terms and conditions. If this person for any reason is then
unable to attend the trip a new member who is attending needs to sign a new terms and conditions document.


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