Sacred Valley Highlights

Quad Bikes
Take to the dirt tracks and discover the sacred valley in a very bespoke way. Zip through the sandy platforms between the ruins and the salt mines.

Horse rides
 A more traditional and laid back way to view the contrasting scenery of the snowy mountains, the dusty valley and cascading river.

50km from Cusco and close by to Maras is the mind-blowing circular Incan terraces of Moray. This unusually designed site has eluded historians as to its original purpose

Community integration and experiences
There are many experiences you can have within a guided tour or trek, from learning how to create tapestry like a native Peruvian women, to understand the farming processes including fruits, cacao and root vegetables which form immense income to these remote places.

Machu Picchu & Aguas Calientes
The famous Town below one of the seven wonders of the world! A must see for anyone visiting Peru – see Machu Picchu Info

This town is famous as a station stop for Peru rail, its ancient ruins to explore, its market and its peruvian fusion restaurants.

This village along the Urubamba is a huge draw for tourists as it hosts large markets regularly on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It also and for its large archeological ruin sites.

An archaeological site only 6km outside of Cusco. The largest of its kind Q’enqo was once thought to have been used for mummification and death rituals.

Maras salt mines
40km North of Cusco lies within the sacred valley the salt evaporating salt lakes of Maras. With over 5000 pools located down a canyon, this space has been used for salt trade since the Inca’s reign .

Due to the local produce and artisan crafts that are made in the valley there are markets throughout, including Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Calca and Urubamba.

Skylodge Adventure
Sky Lodge is a new endeavor attached to the side of a mountain. Allowing you to enjoy an evening and night in a glass capsule secured to the side of one of the andean mountains 1200 foot up in the air.

At one of the tips of the Sacred valleys reaches is Cusco, the Incan capital and modern day Peru’s Cultural capital. There are many things to do within the city before you travel from this start point down into the valley.