Sacred Valley Adrenaline Adventures

Check out some high octane filled experiences to balance out the history and culture tours. There are many options and companies that we have tried to narrow down your search and provide helpful options.


There are a few companies within Cusco which offer tandem paragliding experience over the Sacred Valley. A couple popular spots which are used for paragliding are: Chinchero which is approx 30min away from Cusco and another is close to Pisac about 45 minutes away from Cusco. Flights last form between 15 and 30 minutes per person and price range is approx $120 – $150. Usually prices are based on at least people attending so expect an extra fee if you are going solo. This price includes your travel to and from the site, rental of all PPE and the pilot. Some for extra will provide pictures and videos. Do bring yourself things you need for the day such as food, water, sunscreen, etc.

Skylodge adventures

Just outside Ollantaytambo, hike, ascend a via ferrata or navigate the zip wire field to make you way 1200ft up the mountain to spend your evening in a glass capsule overlooking the valley. Watch the sunset over the mountains with a panoramic view whilst you enjoy the luxuries of Skylodge. Wine and exquisite meals is all served to you in you private pod. Each pod holds a different number of people depending on your parties size. They have three sections to the pod consisting of you bedroom, dining room and bathroom. The next morning after sleeping in among the condors and peaks of the mountains choose your preferred way to descend back down again.

Bungee Jumping

Cusco has the highest bungee jump in Latin America at 125 meters high. Meaning if you were going to do it anywhere whilst visiting, the Sacred Valley should be the place. Not only this but there are also ‘slingshot’ experience that let you be catapulted. Some companies such as Action Valley that provide this are very well established with years of experience and jumps. It shouldn’t be hard to recognize these with a google search and a quick look on Trip Advisor.

Zip wiring

Zip wiring in the sacred valley means you will fly past mountain views and herds of Alpaca. A lot of treks such as our Inca jungle trek encompass zip lining within the tour. However, there are plenty of companies which offer this as a singular experience. Our advice is to research your companies and look for reputable companies. Two which as rated highly are: Puma Path Zipline, with their longest line at 1km and is conveniently located close to Peru rail in Ollantaytambo : the other being Sam Zipline which is a sustainable tourism company and certified and kitted by Petzel.

Horse Riding & Quad Biking

These experiences are undertaken separately. However follow the same schedules. They can either be undertaken as a whole day tour with travel for both Moray and Moras or a one off experience you can book at once of there places. You can travel to more remote sections of the valley, go through Andean communities and the archaeological sites. All instruction and PPE is supplied by the company.

Rock climbing is prolific around Cusco and the Sacred Valley due to the mountainous environment. There are many companies who either run or include rock climbing, abseiling (rappelling) and ver ferrata into their trips. The tours are usually half days with instruction on techniques and equipment provided. Make sure you go with a reputable company and do your research on them. *To no degree does. *Peru Explorers endorse or certify the safety of these companies or take responsibility for the decision to use their services.