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Accredited tour Operators

Salkantay Tour Operators are different than that of the Inca tour Operators. You do not need to be accredited by the government to run tours in this area, this means: Options to link with the Inca Trail are only available to you from companies like ourselves, who are accredited to run both treks (The Salkantay 7 Day With Inca Trail does not run during February). Some tour companies that run the Classic 5 Day Salkantay Trek do not have adequate equipment or experience due to the fact they have not had to be accredited or audited by an authority. When booking your trek please be aware, ensure you do your research and check company TripAdvisor reviews.

Environmental Issues

Due to this route and the surrounding areas not being protected by the government, sadly some companies have taken this as a go ahead to scar our landscape and build permanent structures along the route. Pods and glamping cabins might seem like a great choice, but they have severely marked the environment in an irreversible way which paints tourism under a bad light. This comfort attracts many tourists, however that money is not going to a sustainable company who cares about our lands or people.


Finally! A positive to this situation. This routes lack of regulation from the ministry brings about the freedom to complete the Salkantay route DIY style. No guide or tour company is actually required to undertake it, however we do recommend having some knowledge of the land and a good level of navigation knowledge and fitness combined with the appropriate equipment and clothing.

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