Salkantay 5 Day vs Salkantay & Inca Trail 7 Day


Both these treks boast close encounters with the Apu Salkantay mountain and visit the glacial Humantay Lake. During the 5 Day Trek you will hike up the mountain and cross its pass to continue along the trek onto Huayracmachay. The 7 Day route diverts off narrowly before Salkantay to instead cross Incachiriaska Pass (Frozen Inca Pass). This will descend to Wayllabamba, where you will eventually link up with the Inca trail.

InclusionsSalkantay & Inca Trail 7 DaySalkantay 5 Day Trek
– Porters
– HorsesX
– Chefs
– Equipment (Tents, Sleeping Gear)
– Hot SpringsX
– Machu Picchu Entrance
– Walk into Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate X
– Night in Aguas CalienteX
– Inca Trail permitX
– Bus up to Machu PicchuX
– Bus down to Aguas Caliente
– Train to CuscoX
– Pick up from hotel/hostel
– Drop off to hostel /hotel
– Humantay LakeX
– Highest elevation (above sea level)4,215m4,600m
– Distance26 Miles (42km)45 Miles (72km)
– Difficulty levelChallengingDifficult