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The vast history of this important valley spans beyond the Incan civilisation, spilling into our own. Learn the transformations, uses and importance of this Sacred land through the ages.

What is The Sacred Valley?

This Valley has a multitude of names due to its importance to different settlers throughout history. Named the Willka Qhichwa (The Sacred Valley of the Incas) during the reign of the Incan civilisation, proves its prized ground. The Inca historically separated their land in three to satisfy the beliefs and values of the community : the agricultural sector, the religious and spiritual sector and the estate for the Inca and the royals (showing the hierarchy of the culture). 

This was true within the Sacred Valley as you can see a number of grand temples and sacred sites that were for worship, sacrifice and ceremonies. Each Inca took a new space as his estate which expanded the community into places known today as Pisac, Paullu and the ruins of Quispiguanca among others. 

Although this land and its native settlers were originally populated by the early Inca for the benefits of the agricultural sector. The valleys geological position and low altitude made it a warmer space, close to Cusco, which could play host to crops, such as maize, which the high altitudes of the city could not produce. 

This continued to be true during colonisation of the Spanish who called it the Valley of Yucay. After the Incan civilisation retreated from the valley, the Spanish used it for similar pursuits. However the masonry and arutetual work is starkly different and provides an interesting observation for any history buff that visits.

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