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Explore the fascinating history of Ollantaytambo and learn all you need to know to visit this unique place in the Sacred Valley, including what to see and how to get there.

About Pisac

Pisac is the closest large settlement to Cusco and one of the first stops along the Sacred Valley if traveling to Machu Picchu. Find out what makes it a great stop.

The Pisac Town

Pisac a town built in the 1570’s by Viceroy Toledo and overruled by the Spanish during their conquest draws crowds in the modern day for its ancient city ruins on the hill and it’s large markets.
Distance from Cusco: 33km East

  • Distance via Bus: 1 hour
  • Altitude: 2972m
  • Tourist ticket needed for:
  • Pisac Archaeological park

The Pisac Market

The Market in Pisac draws many tourists as Sunday Morning half of the town is covered in bright and busy stalls. Not only tourists this is the place that the indiginours Quechuians from the community come to get there sell and buy their own produce. Among the food stalls and local produce you will also find street food that is cooked in authentic clay ovens. 

You, however, will also find souvenirs including alpaca sourced gifts, weavings, jewelry, hats, clothing and trinkets. The markets center is located at the Plaza de Armas and is held Tuesday, Thursday and the most famous of all on Sunday. It’s official opening hours are between 9am and 4.30pm but many stalls are up and running a lot earlier than that and then spa into the evening.

Pisac Archaeological site

Preceding on at 3,347 meters above sea level, on a hill overlooking the modern town is the scattered site of the old Incan settlement, now known as the Pisac Archaeological site. 

The site clearly shows the separation in land by the Incan communities, the obvious divide of agriculture, religious and Urban areas typical of the civilisation. It is a 3.5km and a one hour walk from the town center up the steep still which on a nice day makes for a pleasant and rewarding hike. 

However, if you have limited time or hiking is not on your to do list there are always taxis available at the official taxi office located next to the bridge on Av. Amazonas. Prices can be a bit expensive for this ride (Approx 25/s) although if you are not wanting or able to walk this is your only other option unless you are booked in with a tour which includes transport. For entrance you must have purchased a Cusco Tourist Ticket, although, you do not need to be apart of a trip or have a guide to enter.

Getting to Pisac

Pisac is just under an hour away from Cusco. There are many options on getting there. You could book into a tour and most if not all will pick you up from where you are staying in Cusco to transport you to the Sacred Valley. If you are just going for a day trip and doing it yourself then along Calle Puputi near Wanchaq, Cusco.

 If shuttles and taxis that go daily, back and forth to Pisac. A shuttle which fills up with others in your position before taking off. This will definitely be the cheapest option if you don’t mind travelling with others and don’t have a strict time limit to keep to, as the buses have no schedule.

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