About The Sacred Valley

What and where is the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is a region that spans over approx 60 Miles and is host to a number of famous towns and ancient sites that are a must for any traveler to Cusco. Alongside these tourist hot spots are settlements of traditional colonial villages who farm the produce traded down to the city such as potatoes and Alpaca.

The Inca’s and the Sacred Valley

The Valleys land was of great importance to both the Inca civilization and the Spanish colonials for its fertile land and position in relation the Cusco. Today it still holds a great importance, although arguably tourism is the biggest draw and profit for this valley now. The span of the Valley is from the modern city of Cusco all the way through to the Ancient citadel of Machu Picchu. As such through this narrow strip of land you can see a wide range of important sites of yesteryear and modern day. Lands that fed and still feed both cities with traditional farming, clothing and communities. Learn the art of their ways through craft and farming. There are also sites of worship and grandeur that defy explanation such as the archaeological site of Moray. Adding to the things to do within the valley there are also experiences upon horseback and quad bikes to tour certain sections.