Maras & Moray tours 

These towns often visited together due to their proximity holds some of the most interesting archaeological sites and archaeological construction of Peru. Many walk between the two which takes approx and hour or you can get a taxi or moto which take about 15min.

Facts and Figures
Distance from Cusco: Moray- /Maras – 53km
Distance via Bus: 1 ¼ hours / 1hour
Altitude: 3500m / 3380m
Tourist ticket needed for : Moray Terraces

Maras Salt flats and terraces

These ancient man made ponds that intercept the hillside like a 3D puzzle piece is another spectacular engineering agricultural feat of the Inca’s. The thousands of self evaporating ponds that are fed by 2 streams : one of salt water and one of fresh. The mini pools are individually controlled such as a dam, to close off or except water depending on where they are in the cycle. Once the pools have evaporated they are harvested for their salt crystals which are used within the communities and traded within markets. The whole process is still very similar to that of the Incas, with very little change in the maintenance, harvesting transportation or selling methods. The salt ponds are purchased on a separate ticket from the tourist ticket. 10 /S on the gate. Must be in cash and not foreign currency.

Moray Agricultural site

These mysterious and bizarre formations NorthWest of Cusco, show the ingenious solutions of the within the Inca community, mostly believed by historians to be of an agricultural purpose. As such Moray is widely accepted as a part of the agricultural sector of the sacred valley. These circular crops very in depth and size and as such create their own micro climates. This site does require a Cusco Tourist ticket in order to access it.

Ways to tour these sites

Walking around the sites once there is obviously a must however along side having a tour bus or getting a taxi up to these places you can also take some of the options presented in the adrenaline adventures. These include taking ATV’s (Quad Bikes) or horse rides.