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The Cordillera Vilcanota Range, is host to not only the Rainbow Mountain but the Palcoyo Mountains, take a look at why this could be a beneficial and amazing alternative.

Explore what is different the Rainbow Mountain vs Palcoyo!

The world famous Rainbow Mountain is visited by thousands of visitors a week. Its unusual geological composition is a source of amazement and the perfect picture.

However, only 20km South of here is a cluster of mountains named Palcoyo. These Mountains stand alone which shows clear visibility of their similar color spectrum to Vinicunca – teracota reds, bright turquoise, smooth whites, warm yellows and olive greens. 

With an hour hike with little gradient, the trek up to Palcoyo is actually easier and smoother than that to Rainbow Mountain. Making it a good alternative for people that struggle with steep hikes, or suffer from altitude sickness.

Another draw is that whilst Rainbow Mountain can attract up to a thousand visitors each day, Palcoyo little known only receives a few ; making for a more personalised experience which makes you really feel like you are in the solitary valleys of Peru. Not to mention you won’t have to photoshop all the people out of your photos just to see the mountains!

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