Rainbow Mountain Tour Operators

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Why do I need a permit?

Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate tour operators are different than that of the Inca tour Operators. You do not need to be accredited by the government to run tours in this area. This means many things such as:

Some tour companies that run these treks do not have adequate equipment and experience due to the fact they have not had to be accredited or audited by an authority. Please aware and whomever you go with do your research and check reviews.

The Ausangate Operators

The Ausangate routes remoteness and high altitude means that companies without experience that lack regulation from the ministry usually do not seek to undertake this trip. There are fewer companies who provide this tour and as such most such as ourselves are very experienced and have only the best for our customers. However, we do recommend doing your research.

Due to the now excisability of the new tourist site of the Rainbow Mountain. Unfortunately, day trips to this marvel from some companies are not a quality service, with a guide who know very little and prices that are simply unreasonable. Check around for prices but they vary for 30USD to 50USD per person depending on the service and inclusions.

Personal details needed to make a booking

Contact Email of lead participant
Name of lead participant
Passport number of lead participant
Country of nationality (If mixed within the group, please you nationality of lead participant)
Numbers attending (Adults and Children)
How you wish to pay (This will not automatically create payment)

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