Availability & Booking


Availability depends on what trek you feel is right for you. None require permits however as you can imagine a 5 day trek in one of the most remote and highest places within Peru means it will take a little more planning than a day trip to a now easily accessible trek.

The best season to do Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow mountain tours run all year round. However the wet season lies between November-April. Even out of this warmer period due to the altitude and elevation of the mountain and surrounding peaks the weather can change day to day. This means a flurry of snow on the top which tourists are then restricted access to.

The best season to do Ausagate

Due to the wintery conditions this trek is best undertaken between the dry months of May and September. However, treks here are still ran in April and October. No matter what the month please be assured there will be snow on the agenda.

How to make an Inquiry

Simply click on the Contact Us tab on our website. This will lead you to an inquiry form. If you are wanting more information or are unsure about something all you have to do is input your name and contact and send us a message. We usually reply within 48hours and will be happy to help you.


How to make a Booking

Once you have decided on your adventure then head over to Book Now tab. This will provide you with a booking form, you will be asked for your details and information. This will directly alert us to your booking and after payment/deposit reserve your spaces on the trek or tour you wish to attend. After receiving this we will send you an email with your next steps so we can obtain details about all the members of the party, book any tickets required on your behalf and sent you all the information you will need for you trek. Please note we can only reserve you places with our trek and not of that of other sites and attractions until we have all personal information. After this it is in our hands and you can sit back and relax. The dates entered on the booking form are the ones you which to attend the trek. If these dates are flexible or unsure please just note that in the additional comments. You must also make sure you are here at the very least a day before your trek to both become accustomed to the altitude and to attend our briefing.

Note: We do not conduct briefings over the weekend so if your trek is commencing on a Monday then you would need to be here on Friday for your briefing.

Personal details needed to make a booking

  • Contact Email of lead participant
  • Name of lead participant
  • Passport number of lead participant
  • -Country of nationality (If mixed within the group, please you nationality of lead participant)
  • Numbers attending (Adults and Children)
  • How you wish to pay (This will not automatically create payment)