Rainbow Mountain & Ausangate Altitude

Rainbow mountain is the highest day trip you can do from Cusco and the Ausangate trek the highest multi day hike also. Not surprising, as they are comprised within the Andes mountain range. Although, due to this, we strongly recommend acclimatization in Cusco before you attempt either of these tours to avoid altitude sickness. See here for things to do in Cusco during you acclimatization period. If partaking in the Ausagated 5 day tour then allow time after our trip to acclimatise back as well. Although we do carry first aid kits and oxygen masks and employ guides who are knowledgeable and trained in high altitude first aid we strongly believe that knowledge and prevention to be key.


Symptoms of altitude sickness as their body adjusts to the change in altitude. A general, but not an exhaustive list of symptoms include:

Headaches, exhaustion, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting.

Prevention methods

To help acclimatize to the altitude here in the Andes, we recommend that you get sufficient sleep, drink plenty of water, eat easily-digestible foods, drink coca tea with a little bit of sugar added, and take it easy on physical activity for the first few days. You can also ask your doctor about the following medications to help with altitude acclimatization: Diamox, Sorochi, and Grovol. All of these medications can be found in Peruvian drugstores.