Hot Springs

Baño Termal de Upis

3 Hours SouthEast of the City of Cusco there lies at 4,140 meters above sea level (13,583 feet) lies the town of Upis. This small town will charm you with its local community, dressed traditionally and surrounded by Alpacas and Llamas. Famed not only for its landscape and craft making but its thermal baths which have to be reached on foot from the main town. These authentic baths are used for their medicinal properties these thermal baths have a spectacular view of the highest peak on the trek, Mount Ausangate. Lay back in these baths at the start of your trek to soak up their botanical benefits whilst staring at the Andes mountain range.

Aguas Termales Pacchanta

On your way down from you high altitude trek your treated once again to a thermal baths trip! This time enjoy them in Pacchanta within the Ocongate district where the community focuses on Alpaca and potato farming. This seemingly humble community have built these natural springs into a luxury spa at the foot of the snowy mountains. These waters can exceed 20 and are naturally infused with Chlorine, Sulphate and Bicarbonate which have properties that aids in treatment for dermatological, respiratory and rheumatic ailments.