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The Ausangate Trek covers a 69km/ 43 miles that travels through one of the most remote hikes in Peru. You are encapsulated between the stunning mountains of the Andes.The trailhead starts at 12,000ft and reaches heights of 17,000ft with glaciers, alpaca plain, snow capped mountains and traditional villages on route.


Day 1 – Departing from Cusco at 3,399m / 11,152ft the first stop is in the village of Tinki at 3,800m /12,467ft after travelling shortly up to Q’oñamuro where the trailhead and hiking begins at 3900m/12,795ft, . After this the trail then ascends to the hot springs and the campsite in Upis at 4500/14,765ft which resides at the base of Ausangate Mountain.

The hike takes approximately 6 hours and you will cover 12km / 7.5mwithin the day.

Day 2 – Leaving the campsite early the trail continues to ascend into the mountains to the passage of Arapa standing at 4,800m / 15,748ft. The campsite at Pucacocha which is situated between two lagoons is at 4,600m / 15,092ft.

The day will take 9 hours of hiking and will cover 16.5km /10.2m

Day 3 – Departing from Pucacocha the morning will consist of a steep and short climb to the Apacheta Pass at 4,700m before starting the descent heading in the direction of the famous Vinicunca mountain (Rainbow Mountain) at 5,200m / 17,060 ft. Lunch will be held at Ausangate Cocha lagoon before ascending on the route to summit Palomani at 5190m/ 17,030 feet. After the day consists of descending to the campsite in the village of Phinaya at an altitude of 4500m/ 14,765ft.

The day covers 11.7km / 7.3m and takes approx 6 hours

Day 4 – The day starts gently ascending through the Phinaya Valley. Then a 3 hour accent to the Ccampa pass at 5180m / 16,995ft.The trail then descends from the pass to the campsite at Laguna Otorongo Cocha – 4,480m / 14,700ft.

The day covers 16.9km / 10.5m and takes approximately 9 hours.

Day 5 – The final day descends from the mountains into the community of Pacchanta at 4,200m / 13,760ft before returning to an altitude of 3,399m within Cusco.

Taking 6 you will hike approximately 11km / 7m.

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