Rainbow Mountain & The Ausangate Trek

Discover the new natural Phenomenon of Rainbow Mountain alongside the long standing traditional communities and culture of the Ausangate region. Learn about the history, locations, routes within the highest possible multi day hike in the Cusco Region. “If you want to discover the real Peru you need to go to Ausangate.” – Joel CEO of Southern Peru Explorers.

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About Rainbow Mountain & Ausangate

Find out about the beautifully colored geological site that has taken Instagram by storm. The mountainous region of Ausanagte it is located in provides the highest trek in Cusco!

Rainbow Mountain & Ausangate History

Learn the origins and modern history of this amazing mountain and the traditions of the area connected with it. Understand how this tourist attraction became just that and the mysterious beliefs of the native people.

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Rainbow Mountain Hot Springs

The Hot springs are a highlight which will bookend your Ausanagte trek. Take a look at the 2 thermal baths you will visit, what to expect, their properties and the communities
they are situated in.

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Rainbow Mountain 1day

Learn what is encompassed within a 1 day trip to visit the Vinicunca,  Rainbow Mountain. Learn what your see, how you will get there, how long your day is and what is included in this must do trip.

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Rainbow Mountain 2 day

See what we offer in our 2 day trip to visit Rainbow Mountain. Showing the route, facts and figures you can compare it with our 1 day option and see what is the best option for you.

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Ausangate Trek 5 days

This amazing trek is the ultimate way to see rural Peru and its best. Traveling through Andean snow capped mountains and communities, glacias, sandy valleys, and stunning lagoons.

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Rainbow Mountain Vs Palcoyo

The Cordillera Vilcanota Range, is host to not only the Rainbow Mountain but the Palcoyo Mountains, take a look at why this could be a beneficial and amazing alternative.

Rainbow Mountain Availability & Booking

How to check availability and book Rainbow Mountain or the Ausangate trek. This section shows you your options. If you feel this area is for you then click here for more information on booking.

Rainbow Mountain Pricings

Find out how much Southern Peru Explorers charge for our Rainbow mountain tours or our Ausangate Trek. What is included within our services for that price and what we provide that we feel others don’t.

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Rainbow Mountain Ausangate Map

See the route up close and personal, with elevations, distances and difficulty ratings. Understand exactly what terrain and environment you will be travelling

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Rainbow Mountain & Ausangate Altitude

Altitude sickness can affect many visiting Peru. Especially when visiting Cusco and embarking on the highest trek within the region. Learn symptoms, prevention and recommendations.

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Rainbow Mountain Tour Operators

Find out what Tour Operators for Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate are and what to look for when picking. Look into our services, extras, sustainable workings and socially conscious practices.

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Rainbow Mountain FAQ

Here we answer all of those extra questions you’ve probably asked yourself surrounding the Rainbow Mountain. Were confident this will guide you well but please do get in contact with other questions

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Here we answer all of those extra questions you’ve probably asked yourself surrounding the Ausangate. Were confident this will guide you well but please do get in contact with other questions.