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Treks & Adventure

So you know Machu Picchu is on your list, but your unsure which treks include this great marvel within their package? This section lets you know helping you decide the best route for you.

Classic Inca Trail

The Classic Inca Trail is widely regarded as one of the top ten treks in the world for its combination of Inca ruins, high passes, snow-capped mountains and ever-changing ecosystems; as you hike, you will learn about its history, flora and fauna with the help of our expert guides. Four days later, having walked 28 miles (40 km) and crossed passes up to 4300m, you will reach the climax of this sacred pilgrimage, the wonderful Machu Picchu.

Salkantay Hike

The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu is an excellent alternative to the Incan trail. On this trek you will hug the base of the sacred Salkantay mountain, standing high above the surrounding mountains at a stunning 6271m/ 20,574ft. You will pass through traditional Andean communities and Inca ruins before arriving in Aguas Caliente, the town that sits below the legendary Machu Picchu.

  • Tour Type: Hiking, Nature and Archaeological Sites
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Distance: 72 km / 45 miles
  • Considerations: A spectacular but challenging alternative to the famous Inca Trail.
  • Elevation: 2040m- 4600m / 6692ft- 15,090ft
  • Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Inca Jungle

 The Inca Jungle Trek is a more alternative, adventurous, adrenaline filled 4-day option which includes restaurant food and hotel stays.. Quite literally as you will adorn mountain bikes, zip wires and white-water rafts to get you to Machu Picchu, alongside a pleasant half or full days hike. This trek lets you not only pass through the Jungle as other treks do but you spend all your time moving through it by boat, bike and boot.

This trek is a great choice as it needs no Inca Trail Permit. So, if you are a little impulsive or last minute you can still have a good chance of bagging a place. Alongside the wild rides, you visit the majestic Hot Springs in the charming town of Santa Teresa to soothe those aching muscles and be graced with visits to coffee and Cacao plantations with a tour. You also walk parallel to the high altitudes of the Inca Trail, following in the lowland along the railroad tracks into the heart of Aguas Callientes.

It demands a lower level of fitness than that of the Classic Inca Trail and Salkantay and allows you to bask in the warmth of the Peruvian Amazonian jungle for longer. It is one of the more luxurious tours as your nights will be spent in hotels. So, if you’re looking for adventure in the day and comfort during the night with a hot shower and plush beds this is the trip for you.


Day Tours

Machu Picchu tours: experiences that involve a considerable amount of hiking which allows you the opportunity to camp until your arrival at Machu Picchu. Treks that are provided that fit this criteria are:

  • Classic Inca Trail Trek
  • Inca trail trek experience (5day)
  • Classic Salkantay (5 days)
  • Salkantay + Inca trail (7 days)
  • Shortened Inca Trail camping (2 days)
  • Inca trail + Sacred valley (5 day)
  • Lares Trek (5 day)

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