Machu Picchu Info F.A.Q

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Machu Picchu F.A.Q

Here we answer all of those extra questions you’ve probably asked yourself surrounding the Salkantay Trek. Were confident this will guide you well but please do get in contact with other questions.

What the elevation of Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu sits at 2,430meters above sea level. (7,970ft)

Can I book the entrance ticket on my own ?

Yes you can either from a ticket office or online. Please see ‘Machu Picchu Ticket & Fees’

Can I buy food at Machu Picchu?

Yes there is a small cafe and a separate large restaurant just outside the entrance.

Are there toilets at Machu Picchu ?

Yes there are toilets just outside the entrance, however there are none within the city. Once you have entered the city you are not allowed to exit and then return, not even to go to the toilet. So make sure you go before you enter. There is also a charge for the toilet of 50cts

What do i need to bring for the day?

The day is quite long and can come with a range of weather as is famous for the region. We would recommend bringing a rain jacket alongside sunscreen, insect repellent a hat and enough water for the day. If you are not wanting to be trapped by the high prices of the cafe or restaurant then bring food yourself which you can purchase in the town below. (Note: you cannot eat in Machu Picchu) Remember your phone, camera tickets and passport!

Can i eat in Machu Picchu?

No you are not permitted to eat in the ruins. You can before and after entering. There are guards situated around the site to keep to the rules and to offer assistance. Although, if hiking to sun gate there are plenty of people who sneakily have a snack.

Do I have a time limit in Machu Picchu?

As of 2019 you will have a strict time slot for entrance. There is no one to note how long you have had so technically you could be there all day. Although this has now been made hard by the one way system, not allowing you to back track once you have moved onto another section and the fact you cannot eat or go to the toilet within the ruins.

Can I purchase tickets for the entrance on the day?

No unfortunately not, the ticket has to be purchased but if lucky you may be able to the day before.

Is Macchu Picchu closed in February?

No, Machu Picchu is an all year round event. Open everyday all year. It is often thought to be closed in February as the Inca Trail and many other ruins along its route are closed.

How do I get up to Machu Picchu?

There are 3 ways to get to Machu Picchu:
You can walk in via sungate (Inti Pata) the original entrance to the city. There is a check point just before to check you entrance tickets.

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