Machu Picchu Information

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Many have heard about this wonder of the world, however, few have real insight until they visit. Keep a step ahead & find out about this jewel of Peru, understanding exactly what it has to offer.

What its Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a nearly intact archaeological city built in the 15th Century by the Ancient Peruvian civilisations of the Icas. It lies North of the city of Cusco which used to be the capital of this incan civilisation.

Machu Picchu History

The site of Machu Picchu has mysterious and rich History behind its stoned walls. Within this section learn about its construction, abandonment and resurrection throughout the decades.

Machu Picchu Treks Expedition

So you know Machu Picchu is on your list, but your unsure which treks include this great marvel within their package? This section lets you know  helping you decide the best route for you. 

Machu Picchu Tours Packages

You know Machu Picchu is on your list, but your unsure which luxury tours include this great marvel within their package? This section tells you, helping with your decision. Machu Picchu tours:

Machu Picchu Tickets Entrance

Your ticket allows you to enter the ancient city and explore its all its different sections. However, Machu Picchu is now a one way system so once you have moved on from one section to another you cannot return

Machu Picchu Opening Times

What time does Machu Picchu is open? Is Machu Picchu open all week? Does Machu Picchu close for holidays? Do I have a time slot for my entrance? All these questions are answered here.

Machu Picchu Inca Bridge

Two attractions within Machu Picchu which are slightly separated from the main ruins. These 2 sites both have an interesting history accompanied with a hike and are free to visit within you entrance ticket.

Machu Picchu Train Service

The train to Machu Picchu is ran by Peru rail. They have been in operation since 1999 and now provide many services depending on your preference. All routes cumulate at Ollantaytambo

Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu

Aguas Calientes otherwise known as ‘Machu Picchu Town’ is the social hub below the great city. With the Urubamba river cascading directly through the middle of the city and statues of great Incas placed everywhere 

Huayna Picchu & Montaña

These two mountains can enhance your Machu Picchu experience. With a detailed history and summary of each, this section will help you decide which one is best for you and how to purchase the add on.

Machu Picchu Information F.A.Q

Here we answer all of those extra questions you’ve probably asked yourself surrounding the Salkantay Trek. Were confident this will guide you well but please do get in contact with other questions.

Machu Picchu bus Transport

The bus is the easiest way to reach Machchu Picchu on time for you entrance slot. However you can also follow the winding Inca path way from Aguas Calientes town to the entrance. Alternatively, you could get the bus..