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What does your ticket allow you access to?

Your ticket allows you to enter the ancient city and explore its all its different sections. However, Machu Picchu is now a one way system so once you have moved on from one section to another you cannot return. Due to this we recommend that you visit first Sungate and the Inca Bridge which are sign posted on the first path in from the entrance. They are situated in the first ‘section’. Sungate heads off in the opposite direction to the main part of the city and takes you on a 2 hour round trip hike to the heights of the original entrance. The Inca Bridge is less of a hike taking approx 1 hour round trip and heads into the Rainforest as a secret entrance to the city. More information about these extra sites that you have access to can be found in Machu Picchu Info.There are other experiences to attach to your entrance ticket if you wish that you can purchase such as Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountain.

How to Purchase your Entrance ticket

There are 4 ways to purchase your ticket:

  1. In Cusco city via the ‘Ministerio de Cultura’ (The Ministry of Culture) It is located at Casa Garcilaso on Calle Garcilaso and the opening hours are Monday – saturday 7am until 8pm. They except either cash, Debit or Credit cards.
  2. In Aguas Calientes on Av. Pachacutec which is open everyday 5am until 10pm. This office ONLY accepts cash. Although location wise this is a convenient option please bare in mind that there is only limited numbers each day which can be allowed entrance. If they are fully book from pre orders then you may have to wait a few days. This is not a recommended option in peak season.
  3. You can purchase your tickets online ahead of time and potentially for a lower cost depending on how far in advance it is booked. Visit the official government website is here. Things to note is that paying with anything but Visa could cause some problems or issues whilst booking. Make sure you take note of your reservation number as this is what is needed to access your tickets which shall be printable.
  4. Through a reputable tour operator. This is most people’s first choice as they either do a trek attached to visiting Machu Picchu or do not want to organise the travel alongside the trip to the site. Tour operators also have set aside, allocated tickets so if they are booked out elsewhere a tour operator would be your best bet. Operators even on a one day visit will organise your train, vans/cars to get to the train and the bus up and down from Aguas Calientes. However the option is completely up to you and if you book your ticket in advance and then decide to join a trek or tour it would be an option to ask for this fee to be taken off your trip fee.
Please make sure you either have to hand, if ordering online or you have with you if purchasing in person : Your Passport, any valid card you are using for discount and the appropriate method of money.


How much is a ticket to Machu Picchu?

There are 3 types of ticket you can purchase which all vary in cost. They also are prone to fluctuation each year and if you book closer to the time or when you are here they will likely have risen in price. If you are booking ahead of time the price in American dollars is approximately as follows:

Prices obtained from the Ministry of culture, sole provider of entrance tickets. Please note these tickets come with different allotted times, please see Machu Picchu Opening Times for more information.

  1. Machu Picchu Entrance 60 USD
  2. Machu Picchu plus Huayna Picchu 90 USD
  3. Local price: 30 USD
  4. Child 50% off

When should I purchase my ticket?

Tickets MUST BE purchased in advance. Although how far in advance heavily depends on what kind of ticket your wish to purchase and the way you are purchasing them. Take a look at our rough guide below to aid in this matter:

Only entrance to Machu Picchu: These tickets are fairly easy to aquire you could purchase the day before, although this may be a little risky it is possible in the low season. If you are travelling peak season then 1 month in advised.

Additional experiences tickets: If you wish to buy the entrance to the ruins alongside Huanya Picchu you must purchase these at least 3 months in advance to be safe. Machu Picchu Mountain however could be purchased a little closer to the time around a month before your intended visit.

Time slot Preference: If you are wanting a specific time slot to work with your schedule then allow extra pre booking time if this is your first option.

If you are booking solo or through a tour operator: If booking through a tour operator it very much depends on their personal availability. You could even get them through this route a few days before through you wish to visit.







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