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Classic Inca Trail Operators

We are proud to be one of the best operators of the Classic Inca Trail 2022 As one of the leading tour operators for this journey to Machu Picchu, our team makes sure your experience is as safe and comfortable as possible. Our crew is certified and licenced, ensuring your journey is full of unforgettable memories.
Our premium tier services include a fully stocked kitchen, local guides, trained porters, and transportation to and from the trailhead. We understand the amount of planning that goes into such a journey, which is why our team works together with our customers to make sure their expectations are exceeded. 
Discover the beautiful Peruvian countryside as you trek the world-famous Inca Trail while your guide shares stories of this ancient path and its many mysteries. Feel the chill of a mountain breeze, inhale the sweet scent of flowers, and keep an eye out for native Andean wildlife. Our commitment to ensuring an authentic and unique Inca Trail experience is only matched by our passion for


There are many tour companies and 3rd parties who have set up business within and around Cusco who work within the Inca trail. However, these are not an Inca trail Operator like Southern Peru explorers. To be a legal operator you have to be accredited and certified by the government to state you have the expertise, equipment and quality to provide treks within the Inca trail and surrounding areas. We urge you to be mindful about booking with companies off the street as they may not carry the credentials held by operators such as ourselves. Please find copies of all our certification on the ‘about us’ page.

The complete service

Booking with Southern Peru as an accredited tour operator means you will get the complete package and deal with one team the entire time. No discrepancies between what you were promised from one company and what was delivered by another. No explaining what you need and want again and again. Mostly importantly no having to pay different companies for different activities and organising your own details We deal with you from start to finish, organising everything and we are happy to provide you with that type of quality service.

Luxury Extra

We are a luxury tour operator who deals with travellers, explorers, history and culture buffs and we want your experience to be personalised and bespoke. We deal with our clients differently from others; if you have children and want our glamping tent to be together – just ask. If your on a romantic holiday and want wine whilst you look over the mountains – just ask. If you can’t be bothered to organise and book extra add on’s for your trek – just ask and we will do it for you! We are here to help in any way and we care about our clients, that’s what makes us different and that’s what makes us extra special! We are confident you will not find such personalised, quality treatment from another company quite like us.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially conscious

Unlike other tour companies we are extremely passionate about our culture, environment and communities. We have several policies in place that protect and support all of these. By booking with us you are joining that cause and giving back by just having an amazing time! Win-win!

Although we are saddened to say most tour operators do not share our motivation and commitment to bettering our planet and our space within this world. Operators have built structures along the Salkantay route destroying sacred and important historical sites. They have scared the landscape and produced an immense amount of negative human impact all in the name of making money. Do not be fooled by these operators, some may be inexpensive and you are thinking you are getting a deal but the truth is you pay for what you get and alongside their poor quality you will be taking a hand in destroying some of Peru’s most valued areas. There is always a price for things, don’t let mother nature (a deity of the Incas) pay for your trip.

Let us show you what we do to combat this and all the amazing things you could be a party to by visiting our drop down About us and have an explore of the pages within.

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Find your perfect tour offers, enjoy the best kept secrets of Peru’s discover a mystical land with ancient citadels, enchanted lakes, bellowing canyons, top-notch hotels, and world-renowned gastronomy.​ As locals to the region, we provide our first-hand knowledge about each destination to improve your itinerary, resulting in a wonderful journey curated just for you.

Inca Trail 4D/3N

√  Door to door transfer
√  Best camping equipment
√  Fantastic meals
√  Expert  guides
√  Environmental respect

Inca trail 2D/1N

√  Explore more, no rush
√  All Inclusive tour
√  Fantastic meals 
√  Personalized service
√  Machu Picchu twice

Inca Jungle 4D/3N

√  Full action & adventures
√  Biking, Rafting , Zipline
√  Best Equipment  gear
√  Cultural Experiences 
√ Safe and comfortable

Salkantay 5D/4N

√  Sustainable Travel
√  Only Tents, we avoid doms
√  Out door lovers
√  Best Camping Equipment
√  Outstanding food

Best of Cusco 6D/4N

√  All Inclusive package
√  Explore more no rusch
√  Small private groups
√  Easy booking
√  Discover Machu Picchu