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Find out how much Southern Peru Explorers charge for our Inca Jungle Trek. This section shows you what is included as part of our services for the trek, what we provide that we feel others don’t and optional extras.

Inca Jungle Pricing

We price our treks and tours in line with the quality luxury trips we provide. We make sure that you have everything you need and even more. We own equipment from worldwide prestigious brands, higher qualified and experienced staff, design bespoke and personalised packages and takes requests for our luxury extras such as glamping tents, vistadome train and hotels.

We believe that no other company takes the time and care that we do to organise and run your trip of a lifetime. Our quality, care, knowledge and credentials are what you pay for. Not only will you get top quality service from us but by booking with us you will be supporting the community, charity and environmental work and projects that southern Peru Explorers supports and endorses. Please see all you will be supporting by visiting the drop down in ‘About us’.

What we do, you want!

  • An all encompassing tour operator who deals with everything
  • Is a reputable and government accredited operator with years of experience.
  • Has top of the line equipment including North Face and Mountain hardware.
  • Takes requests and adds in luxury extras
  • Hires only the best chefs, guides and porters which are paid more than other companies.
  • Small private tours
  • Gives back to the community through projects and charity work such as aiding in health care, providing better paid jobs and organising events for schools and communities.
  • Provides you with organic and fair trade food / meals from the local Andean farmers.
  • Has inside, local expertise and knowledge to provide you with accurate and honest information.
  • Is a sustainable provider who is a the forefront of Cusco’s transformation into an environmentally friendly city.
  • Is an animal rights advocator

Why we are the best option?

Other companies may charge less than Southern Peru Explorers. There are multiple reasons for this, however, through feedback from clients who have chosen us over them and from our own personal knowledge we have found these reasons include:
That they are not a certified tour operator and only deal with part of your trek, hiring you out to other companies. They do not include transport to ensure you smooth, safe passage so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about how you will get home. They do not provide their staff with in house training to ensure quality and across the board standards. They will book in large numbers of up to 30 making a personalised experience impossible and one where you will get lost in the crowd. They have old, over used equipment which does not provide safety let alone comfort. They treat their staff and the animals they use with neglect, expecting more work for less pay.

Quality Service

We at Southern Peru Explorers deliver the quality we promise and as such our pricing’s start at 400USA per person similar to those companies which provide you with all of the above inadequacies. However, as we are a bespoke luxury company please get in touch with us to inquiry about specific treks, requests and options.

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Find your perfect tour offers and enjoy the best-kept secrets of Peru’s mystical land with ancient citadels, enchanted lakes, bellowing canyons, top-notch hotels, and world-renowned gastronomy.

 As locals to the region, we provide our first-hand knowledge about each destination to customize your itinerary, ensuring a wonderful journey just for you.

Best of Peru 8 days

This 8-day itinerary focuses on the best of Peru, starting with pick up in Cusco, learn about ancient Andean culture before heading to Ollantaytambo for cultural immersion and a pachamanca traditional feast combine with Sacred Valley,
FROM $750

Inca Trail 4D/3N

The Inca Trail is a great way to experience the stunning beauty and rich history of Peru. This spectacular trail follows an ancient path of the Incan people, and it's full of breathtaking views, intriguing archaeological sites, and challenging hikes.
FROM $750

explore the Andes

Peru's untamed Andes provide some of the most stunning scenery on earth. It is simple to understand why traveling in the Andes is such a well-liked activity given the region's imposing snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, and charming settlements.
FROM $980

Inca Jungle 4D/3

This unforgotable adventure starts with a bike ride through lush jungle trails and breathtaking scenery. As you pedal your way along the trails, you'll get to experience some of the incredible biodiversity of the Peruvian jungle up close and personal.
FROM $450

Peru Amazon to Machu Picchu

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the exotic sights and sounds of the Peruvian Amazon and visiting the iconic Machu Picchu? With our Peru Amazon Jungle Tour combined with Machu Picchu, you can have the adventure of a lifetime!
FROM $950