Inca Jungle Operators

Inca Jungle tour operators are different than that of the Inca tour Operators. You do not need to be accredited by the government to run tours in this area.

Zip lining

We use a company called ‘Vertikal Zipline’ for its 10 years experience providing a professional and quality service. Vertikal Zipline has 5 stars and has been awarded the certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor for its continuously positive reviews and recommendations. The company asks you sign a routine waiver before undertaking this activity so you will need your passport number handy. Vertikal does not only share Southern Peru’s quality standard but our ethical and moral values. The adrenaline filled experience ties into an ecotourism project. The zip lines help fund environmentally friendly plantations and a Conservation area.

Whitewater rafting

Our white water rafting experience is lead by ‘Mayuc’ a pioneering company who have been exploring the waters around Cusco for over 37 years. Their guides along with sound river safety knowledge speak English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Their historical and local roots means they care about these Peruvian waterways and the animals that inhabit its banks; their conscientious nature towards these encourages here at southern Peru that they are not only the safe and fun choice but the right one for us. Southern Peru Explorers does not run the rafting section of the trip between Approx November and February, based on rainfall, as this swells the river and brings the grade of paddling to above that we feel safe for tourists with little to no experience on white water. We always put your safety first and hope this is understood.


Inca Jungle Activity Standards

We screen the adventure companies we use to ensure they meet our safety, quality and ethical standards. However, Some tour companies that run the Inca Jungle Trek do not have adequate equipment and experience due to the fact they have not had to be accredited or audited by an authority. This is especially true for adventure activities hired out to third parties. Please be aware and whomever you go with do your research and check reviews.