Inca Jungle History & Culture 

Covering over half of Peru, the Amazon is a huge asset and resource for the local people. It plays host to those who outreach to an urban and international market through tourism and produce. However, deeper in, it is also home to a multitude of indigenous tribes who carry with them their rooted traditions and cultural history.

The amazon was a part of the Incan dynasty conquest. They expanded from the coast into the dense ecosystem of the amazon, stretching into Brazil. There are Ancient Incan ruins to be found amongst the lush greenery and exotic animals.

Produce of the Jungle

Due to the extraordinary biodiversity within the surrounding areas of the Peruvian Amazon the cultivation of a variety of produce is possible. Among them are coffee plantations which produce the sweet Peruvian coffee that you can find in abundance within Cusco. Arriving in the jungle you will encounter such fruits such as bananas, mangos, mandarin, oranges, avocados and passionfruit which grow even along the side of the road and will outstand you with their abundance.