Inca Jungle Availability

Unlike the Inca Trail Treks which have you following the ancient pathways, you do not need a permit to be on this route. Which means you are booking directly with us and our availability. We do however, still visit Machu Picchu so booking at least 2 month in advance in advisable so tickets can be purchased.

When is the Inca Jungle Available?

It is also advisable to book a little ahead of time as some of our adventure activities are run through other companies. Please send us an inquiry or booking form to start the process. Even if you are booking a little late, we will still see what we can do. Please note that from November, depending on weather, we do not run the white water rafting as the wet seasons swells the river and makes this activity not dangerous for those attending the trek.


How to make an Inquiry

Simply click on the Contact Us tab on our website. This will lead you to an inquiry form. If you are wanting more information or are unsure about something all you have to do is input your name and contact and send us a message. We usually reply within 48 hours and will be happy to help you.