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Santa Teresa Hot springs is a highlight of the trip, giving you a chance to relax. Learn about its amenities along with the marvel of its location and history.


These hot springs are located 1,600 meters above sea level and consist of 4 thermal baths. Each one varies in depth, size and temperature, ranging from 40ºC to 44ºC.

Ailments such as, bone, joint and muscle pain alongside skin issues is helped by a dip in these medicinal waters. The cold water supplied around the baths is channeled from Uripata lagoons which offers a refreshing contrast to the heat of the pools.

The complex delivers the quality of any Western Spa with the added luxury that it is surrounded by theIncan jungle, at the base of a mountain and is situated alongside the Urubamba river. There are toilets, changing rooms, lockers and showers as expected, however, another bonus is this place has a large outdoor bar and coffee spot where you can purchase drinks and food.


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