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The Inca Trail is considered one of the top 10 Treks in the world. It is an outstanding, once in a lifetime experience. To be prepared and knowledgeable, we have all the information you will require on the trail. From the facts and figures, what’s included and how to book to where to stay, what to bring and our highlights of the trip!

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What is the Inca Jungle Trek?

Find out an overview of what the Inca Jungle is and what it entails. From the terrain and environment you will be trekking through, to different options available to what you will need.

inka jungle history

Inca Jungle History & Culture

The Peruvian Amazon is not only an amazing adventure for the adrenaline rush on this trek. Learn about the deep cultural ties this route has with the history of the Incas and Cusco. 

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Inca Jungle Route & Highlights

Take a look at the schedule for the Inca Jungle trek: stops along the way, distance, elevation and difficulty. We’ve also included our personal highlights of the route for you to discover.

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Inca Jungle 3 Day Option

Take a look at our alternative option for the Inca Jungle Trek. This section shows you all the differences and modifications of the 3 day trek through the Jungle. Weigh up what works best for you.

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Inca Jungle Adventure Activities

Dive into what exactly you will be doing within each of our adventure activities! Learn what equipment we use, the routes we take, how long each activity lasts and what terrain you will be going through.

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Inca Jungle Availability

Check out the availability for the Salkantay trek. Learn when is best to go depending on what you want, and the different types of availability depending on the options you choose.

inca jungle booking

Inca Jungle

How, when and why to book the Inca Jungle Trek and the options you have within them are all in this section. So if you feel the Inca Jungle trek is the one for you then click here for more information on booking.

inca jungle inclusions

Inca Jungle Inclusions, Exclusions & Extras

Find out what exactly we provide you with for and along the trek alongside what you need to bring yourself, including optional extras during all entire trip days adventure  tour to Machu Picchu.

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Santa Teresa Hot Spring

Santa Teresa Hot springs is one of the highlights of the trip, giving you a chance to relax in the thermal botanical pools. Learn about its amenities along with the marvel surronding its location an history.

inca jungle operators

Inca Jungle

Find out what an Inca Jungle Trek operator is and what to look out for. Look into Southern Peru Explorers accreditation, services, extras, sustainable workings & socially conscious practices.

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Inca Jungle

Find out in this section exactly what is encompassed within each day of the Inca Jungle Trek. Along with the map there is detailed routing, elevations and distances for each moment.

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Inca Jungle Vs Salkantay

Undecided if The Classic Inca Jungle Trek is right for you. Compare it with our Salkantay Trek, the similarities and differences between using our handy tick sheet to see inclusions of each.

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FAQ Inca

Within this section we aim to answer all those extra questions you’ve probably asked yourself surrounding the Salkantay Trek. We’re confident this will guide you well, but please contact us with any other questions you may have.


Inca Jungle

Find out how much Southern Peru Explorers charge for our Inca Jungle Trek. This section shows you what’s included in our services for the trek, what we provide that we feel others don’t and optional extras.