Cusco Money and Currency

Conversion rate

Although obviously subjected to fluctuation, the conversion rate as of January 2020:

1sol = 0.30 USD

0.23 GBP

0.27 EUR

Average Prices

The average amount for tourists pay day is approx S/.140

Approx amounts for daily purchases:

Bottle of Beer – S/8 – S12

Glass of Wine – S/15 – S/20

Large bottle of water – S/5

Cup of coffee – S/8 – S/10

Set meal (usually 3 courses from local small places) – S/8

Meal in a restaurant (main course) – S/30

Where to draw money out

There are multiple places to withdraw money within the city. A lot of shops and malls have ATM’s, however these places usually charge you. The main place a short walk from the plaza along av. Del Sol which you can set to different languages, it is inside which is private and safe, you don’t get charged for withdrawal, and you can guarantee it is genuine notes is Bank de la nacion.

Excepted cards /currencies

Most cards are accepted within places within the city. (VISA, Master card, American Express) However Pay Wave is nearly non existent here. Although, when paying for things online through Peurivan companies, some cards seem to be more acceptable than others. Look for options of paying things in cash if you can. American Dollars and Sols are accepted in cash in most places also.