Cusco Markets

San Blas

This market is held in one of the more prestigious parts of the city just a couple blocks up from Plaza DeArmas. Hosting yoga retreats, high end boutique shops and speciality restaurants the market soaks up these vibes and has a very boutique artisan feel to it. Mostly selling local artists work and jewelry and street food. Usually served by ladies in traditional dress.

San Pedro

San Pedro is predominantly a food market having 3 noticeable sections. The first is the fresh produce section, multiple stalls of each selling, cheese, meat, fresh fruit and veg, chocolate, coffee, herbs and baked goods. The second is the crafts and clothes section which you sells traditional and touristic, shoes, clothing, scarves, trinkets, nik naks and toys. The third and final offers a multitude of stalls which sell local and traditional street food ranging from chicharron rice dishes, soups, fried food and desserts.

Baratillo – Saturday market

This market extends out of the back of the San Pedro one, spilling onto many streets in the nearby vicinity. You can find anything at this market. It has sections and stalls for used items such as electricals and household items, helpful if you are intending on creating roots in Cusco. It also has numerous stalls and shops for clothing, shoes, trinkets, art work and food! Even if you are not looking for anything in particular, it is a great way to spend a Saturday morning as you will never know what you will find. Haggling here is commonplace so don’t take things for face value.

Santuranticuy – Cusco Christmas Market

Celebrating the festive period, each year on Christmas Eve, within the Plaza De Armas is held a huge artisan market. With the backdrop of the cities Cathedral and bright sparkling xmas lights the atmosphere of this market is not to be missed if visiting cusco at Christmas time. It holds the title as one of Peru’s largest arts and crafts fairs with local artists work for sale, quaint Peruvian trinkets, jewellery and religious paraphernalia.