Cusco FAQ

What is the currency?

Peruvian Sols is the Currency in Cusco. It is either written down as PEN or S/

Does Cusco have seasons?

Yes, it only has 2 though. The wet season from November to March and the dry season from April through to October.

Best time to visit?

The dry season especially June, July and August are best for undertaking treks. However, the festive period in Cusco is magical with many Markets and events.

Can I drink the water?

No, pretty much everywhere is NOT drinking water. You have to either boil it, or purchase it.

What plugs does Cusco use?

Peru uses a South American plug type with either 2 round or thin prongs. Purchase of an adaptor here from either American, european or AU/NZ plugs is very easy within Cusco.

Is Cusco safe?

Cusco is a safe city for its size and tourist hot spot status. We just recommend you use common sense when looking after your things or handling money but unlike other South American cities Cusco is safe to wander around, even at night.

Where is the airport located?

The airport is located SouthEast of the City. It is only 15minitues by taxi to the city center.