Cusco Info

We know that your trip is more than just your trek, so we have put together the necessary information about Cusco along with our top tips and some other highlights for you to check out; because who doesn’t want to know the best places to eat or have a beer?

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Cusco History

Cusco has an alive and thriving culture that holds onto traditions, promoting and explores its history through its architecture, customs and Inca symbolism. Explore what has made this great city what is it.

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Cusco Travel

Decided on your trek and now what to know the best ways to get here? Learn your options for travel to Cusco and gain the insights of how to get around this thriving city whilst you are here.

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Cusco Map

Have a glance at the city map and its outreaches. Use this map to pinpoint the landmarks it is comprised with a handy list of churches Museums, churches and other areas of interest.

things to do in cusco

Things to do
in Cusco

Besides your excursions there’s plenty to do within the city. Check out our hit list to make your trip is extra special with perfect coffee, chocolate museums, street food, hikes, markets and archaeological sites to explore.

bars and restaurants in cusco

Cusco Best Bars & Restaurants

Check out our favorite bars and restaurants within the city. From Vegan cuisine, Burger joints and Peruvian fusion we think we have you covered on the food front. Not to mention the party spots, quiet bars and specialty cocktails.

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Day Tours

To really explore the city and its out reaches taking a day is a great option. Tour with a guide to gain knowledge and insight as well as having your transport sorted for you. There are different types and lengths to suit everyone.

inty raymi cusco

Inti Raymi or Cusco Festival

The Inti Raymi Festival is not only famous within Cusco but the whole of South America. Discover what’s involved in this ancient festival celebrating Cusco’s heritage and culture.


Cusco Historical & Archaeological sites

Here we highlight the best of museums , Ruins and Churches within. Find out where they are located, how to get to them, what they contain and little about their background.

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Cusco Money and Currency

We understand that money is important whilst you are travelling. Find out average prices for Cusco, what you get for your money and the best places to withdraw whilst here.

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Cusco Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can ruin a trip. We don’t want this to happen to you so in this section we provide information and top tips to spare you the worst of this infliction.

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Cusco FAQ

It can be difficult to know everything about a place before travelling there but there are some important questions that need answers, we hope within this section we can mop up the rest of your unanswered questions.

an pedro market

Cusco Markets

Markets are apart of the culture here in Cusco and are an amazing way to immerse yourself within the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Pick up fresh produce, exquisite gifts and tasty street food.