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We believe that we can use tourism positively, to be sustainable and help rebuild some of the negative impacts tourism can have. We know that our expeditions can serve as a platform to educate our guest’s on Peru’s rich culture and history as well as its environmental and social issues. And so, we invite you to respectfully partake in an authentic experience with us, and to see and understand a bit more about what makes us special as a company and a country.

We believe in responsible and respectful camping: Which is why we have made many changes from other tour companies here is Cusco. We monitor our use on plastic waste, using biodegradable options instead. We recycle and compost on every trek we do (not that there is ever much food waste left from our beautiful meals). We are an advocate for animal rights, educating and promoting conservation. Also enforced is a strict ‘Leave No Trace’ policy which we are extremely passionate about to conserve not only our history and sacred sites but to respect mother nature and all that she is.
We invite you to read more below about what we are doing which is different to others, so we can make a change, so you can make a change….

Animal Welfare Advocates

We maintain the highest standards of care and kindness when looking after the animals in our care. Unfortunately Peru is lacking in regulation when it comes to our beautiful animals and wildlife, so we put some in place for ourselves! We use more mules per trek so they are able to carry less, we make sure they are fed and watered just as much of our guests and if one, unusually is injured or sick we never make it continue, it is taken home to rest and get help just as we would suggest for you!

On top of this we visit places such as the Manu reserve where there are very rare wild animals. Our expert guides will love telling you about each individual creature and what we can do to help it. We never disturb habitats by using local guides who know the very best way to get about. This allows us to enjoy and learn about these creatures without intruding on their home.




  • Locally sourced produce 
  • Leave No Trace policy
  • Respect and responsibility
Responsible Explorers

Truly sustainable for us means that we can keep exploring this land without ransacking its resources to depletion. That is why within all our practices we advocate a ‘Leave No Trace’ principle. What this means on the ground is that we carry out all our waste, and we mean ALL! At no point do we want to taint the sacred and protected lands within which we are privileged to be travelling through. We set up our beautiful camp, enjoy our time and surroundings, but when it is time to move on we pack everything up and make sure there is no evidence of human impact. This, unfortunately, is unlike other companies who have now built permanent structures along the ancient Incan routes to increase profit; defacing the once untouched land and creating a huge amount of human impact. We do not condone this and we want future generations to be able to enjoy the same experiences as us, we hope you agree. This is also why we employ local guides who have expertise, pride and passion for the history, architecture, animals and culture of their land. We look after our land to a high degree because we have pride and respect for our culture, by choosing us as your tour operator, this shows you do too.

nature is our passion, Expert local guides in:

  • Bird watching
  • Native Flora and Fauna
  • Archeology and architecture 
free plastic

We are conscientious of our waste contribution into this world. As a society we have a long way to go, however, as a company we have made drastic changes. We now provide all our staff with reusable BPA free water bottles and ask our guests to bring the same. We have seriously looked into our single use plastics and no longer use them as storage options. We are conscious of leaving any waste on our beautiful protected lands and as such we still do use plastic bags to bring waste out, although they are all biodegradable. 



  • Community food share
  • Recycling
  • Composting 
  • Biodegradable plastics
we go green!

We have put policies in place to make sure that we can truly call ourselves sustainable. We buy our food from local Andean farmers fairly, giving to our community and cutting on our carbon foot print by decreasing our food miles. Our minimal food waste from meal times, gets exported back out to the city to be composted; and whats left from our treks and tours gets donated to our lovely porters to share with their family and communities. Essentially a proportion of the food that we buy from the farmers, we donate back to them. Southern Peru Explorers always try to reuse and re-purpose before we obtain more. However, it is sometimes a necessary evil so we always responsibly recycle which we believe is a huge responsibility of everyone on this planet. In recent years reuse and recycling centers have been established here in Cusco, which we are thrilled about and obviously take advantage of.

animal avocates

  • Wildlife Expertise
  • Welfare standards
  • Local knowledge and conservation
  • Kindness and caring

we are Outdoor Specialists

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