We are proud of our efforts to promote and practice sustainable tourism and responsible.

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Our commitment to the environment:

Give Back! Southern Peru Explorers is an eco-friendly, green company who sources local food and staff, give something back with your holiday by investing in a company that invests in the environment. We feel that it is our responsibility to keep Peru pristine clean and beautiful for future generations to come in all treks follow Leave no Trace Behind Principles, always leaving our path better than we found it.

On all our treks, we do everything we can to ensure we leave without impact as possible, and we educate all our guests to be respectful of the
Inca sites we visit and to always bring their garbage with them off the trails. We use recyclable and reusable products as much as we can, as well as environmentally friendly products and solar lamps. The materials we use are Peruvian-made to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.
We respect and honor Pachamama in all that we do. We work hard to keep our planet clean and green.

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