The first Spaniards that arrived to Peru unanimously praised the Inca roads, and as the years passed they became outstanding wide roads with thousands of kilometers long, joining all the boundaries of the extensive empire with Cusco, its capital. They were comfortable roads that let you travel without fatigue or danger.

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Enjoy the best parts of the Salkantay Trek and the famous Inca Trail, all in one. This seven-day trek takes you past icy glaciers and rural villages, through tropical forests, and inside various Incan archaeological sites. You will hike around the skirts of Mountain Salkantay, summit high passes, and traverse ancient Inca roads
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This five-day expedition if the full package, combining an extensive tour of the Sacred Valley with a four-day trek on the Inca Trail, and an extraordinary finale of Machu Picchu! You’ll visit living colonial and Inca towns, explore multiple Incan archaeological sites, pass through diverse cloud forests and pristine alpine tundras
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The famous Inca Trail, or Camino Inca, is recognized as one of the top 10 treks in the world, boasting diverse cloud forests, pristine alpine tundras, ancient Incan ruins, and a final destination of the legendary, Machu Picchu. On this four day trek, you will move at a brisk pace to enjoy the best parts of the Inca Trail