Everything you need to know about the Inca Trail…
The Inca Trail is considered one of the top 10 Treks in the world. It is an outstanding once in a lifetime experience. However, to be prepared and knowledgeable we have all the information you would need on the trail. From the facts and figures, what’s included and how to book to where to stay, what to bring and our highlights of the trip!

What is the Inca Trail?

Find out an overview of what the Inca trail is and what it entails. From the terrain and environment you will be trekking through to different options available to what you will need to undertake it.

Inca Trail History

Have you ever wondered how the trail came to be? Learn about the culture and history of the ancient pathways that you will be following. How they were built and used and where these mystical stone trails lead.

Inca Trail Route & Highlight

Take a look at the schedule for the trail: stops along the way, distance, elevation and difficulty. We’ve also included our personal highlights of the route for you to discover.

Inca Trail Booking

To undertake this amazing trek you need to acquire a permit. This section answers all of the whens, whats and hows surrounding the booking of your Inca Trail permits. We break it down and make it easy.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Find out what exactly we provide you with for and along the trail alongside what you need to bring yourself. This section also shows you optional extras that you can add to your experience.

Inca Trail Vs Salkantay

Undecided if The classic Inca trail is right for you. Check out the similarities and differences between the Inca Trail and Salkantay. Use our handy tick sheet to see what you get in each

Inca Trail Vs Inca Jungle

Undecided if The classic Inca trail is right for you. Check out the similarities and differences between the Classic Inca Trail and the and Jungle Trek. Use our handy tick sheet to help.

Inca Trail Map Altitude

Find out in this section exactly what is encompassed within each day of the Inca Trek. Along with the map there is detailed routing, elevations and distances for each moment.

Inca Trail Operators

Find out what an Inca Tour operator is and what to look out for when picking. Look into Southern Peru Explorers accreditation, services, extras, sustainable workings and socially conscious practices. Read More

Inca Trail Price and Booking

Find out how much Southern Peru Explorers charge for our Classic Inca Trail Trek , what is included within our services for that price and what we provide that we feel others don’t do

Inca Trail FAQs

Here we answer all of those extra questions you’ve probably asked yourself surrounding the Inca Trail. Were confident this will guide you well but please do get in contact with other questions.

Inca Trail Permits 2021

All the information you need on purchasing your Inca Trail permits. Including the Ministry of Cultures availability and booking calendar so you can plan the dates of your trip according to spaces available.






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