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How is Cusco as a Destination for Digital Nomads?

The world is getting smaller every day, thanks to the technology we have. Most people dream of travel, of visiting faraway places and exploring new cultures. But alas, duty calls, and our travel dreams are often crushed by the reality of 9-5 work. That 2 weeks of vacation per year just isn’t enough. But what if travel and work were not mutually exclusive? What if you didn’t have to choose one or the other? That same question struck an intrepid group of travelers, and over the past decade the Digital Nomad has become a far more common choice for working professionals who want to travel more.

These Nomads use technology, including remote work platforms, digital conferencing, and other tools, to work while traveling. With technology, Digital Nomads (or “DN’s”) can be location independent, as long as they are organized enough to manage themselves. Most are their own bosses, working freelance jobs in places such as Chiang Mai, Bali, Prague, Barcelona, Cape Town, Medellin, and Panama City. These “hubs” offer amenities demanded by professional travelers: art and culture; friendly to foreigners; safe; good internet connections, and most importantly a low cost of living. DNs work in Cafes or Coworking Spaces, and are able to enjoy the perks of living abroad while staying connected to their professional lives back home. An innovative solution to the eternal struggle between your responsibilities and the travel bug that wont stop biting you.

Some Nomads like to branch out, though, and find cities out of the ordinary for Nomads familiar with the “scene”. Some examples of this are Da Nang, Vietnam, which is often skipped over by travelers in favor of smaller places like Hoi An or Hue. Another example is Mexico, often considered dangerous by travelers but cities like San Miguel de Allende and Guadalajara are emerging as top destinations for the digital age. So the question then becomes, what can Peru offer digital nomads, and how does Cusco compare to other nomad cities?

First, Cusco has all the amenities a traveler would need. As one of the worlds most visited cities, there are enough café’s and restaurants and bars that it would take a long time to see them all. Many of the café’s have WIFI, a plus for DNs, but speeds in Peru are notoriously slow, a challenge for remote workers who deal with large file transfers or video conferencing. Cusco is extremely safe and friendly to foreigners, which are top considerations of Digital Nomads, as well as typical tourists. It is easy to be comfortable here. While many nomads prefer tropical weather, Cusco is a unique climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Some might consider this. Most importantly to digital nomads are cost of living and richness of the expat community. Cusco is highly affordable, especially on a foreign wage. Make sure to check your tax laws! Daily costs such as food and coffee are naturally inflated closer to the tourism center, but accommodations are very cheap, and eating like a local will reduce your food costs. Finally, Cusco has a thriving expat community, with foreigners from all over the world visiting for weeks or months or longer. If you’re a digital nomad looking for a place to visit, check out Cusco! It is truly a city for everyone.


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