T O U R . I N F O

I N C A . T R A I L . I N C L U S I O N S

Read up on all that is included in our spectacular Classic Inca Trail Trek

Professional Guides




All of our guides have studied both English and Tourism. They are native to the region and have a true passion for teaching others about their culture and heritage. All our guides are experienced with the Inca Trail and other high altitude treks. They will support you and ensure you are safe and happy throughout your trip.





Included with your trek is a team of porters who along with our horses carry all equipment and materials necessary for the trek. They usually walk ahead and set up your camp so everything such as your tent, the kitchen and food is ready for your arrival. Your duffel bag is also carried with the porters.

First Aid




Every guide Outdoor first aid trained and carries a first-aid kit and oxygen for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.). In case of emergencies, every guide is equipped with a satellite phone which will allow for a quick exit off the trail to get you directly to a clinic for treatment.





Your transportation from and to this trek is included. You will be picked up directly from your hotel in Cusco and taken to start of your trek in Ollantaytambo. At the end of your trek and visit Machu Picchu the bus down to Aguas Calientes is included. The expedition train back from Aguas Calientes after your visit to Machu Picchu is also included. Once you arrive at the train station, you will be picked up by van to take you to your hotel in Cusco.





Here at Southern Peru Explorers we will always make sure you have clean drinking water at all mealtimes, and enough for you to refill your water bottle when needed. We use fresh spring water running down from the snow-capped mountains for this purpose. We require that you bring a water bottle/s or camelbak that has a capacity of at least 3 litres. In order to care for our spectacular environment, we humbly request that you use a reusable non single use plastic bottle.

Chefs & Meals




Our highly trained chefs cook delectable, nutrient-rich meals that honor your food restrictions while surprising you with International and Peruvian flavors. Prepare for a superb culinary experience to accompany this unforgettable expedition. Food is normally served family-style, three times a day, in addition to a pre-dinner tea and snacks throughout your trip. Please make sure to remind your guide of any food restrictions before beginning your program.

Tickets & Permits




Southern Peruvian Explorers is one of the few tour operators authorized to both book your permits and operate on the Inca Trail. Permits are registered in your name with a specific date and cannot be modified after confirmation. Your tickets will be purchased by Southern Peru Explorers and looked after by your guide until the time they are needed. These include:

  • Machu Picchu Entrance
  • Train ticket
  • Bus ticket up to MP
  • Inca Trail Permit



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We consistently maintain and renew our 3-season ad 4-season tents to ensure peak performance in the field. To ensure maximum comfort, we provide you with a four-person tent to sleep you and only one other hiker. We can upgrade single hikers who prefer more privacy to a Eureka Timberline 2XT tent, designed for two persons for personal use. You will have a spacious wind and waterproof dining tent to comfortably enjoy meals in the company of your hiking group. We also provide sleeping bags and self-inflating roll matts to ensure your comfort.

Duffel Bag




During your briefing you will receive a personal Southern Peru Explorers duffel bag to pack all of your belongings in. This duffel will be carried by our team of porters, and thus should not exceed more than 7kgs /15.4 lbs, including your Southern Peruvian Explorers sleeping bag and air mattress. Please keep in mind that wou will not have access to your duffel bag during the day, so all personal items needed for hiking (e.g. water bottle, camera, extra layers, sunglasses, sunscreen) should be packed in a personal day pack.

Sleeping Bag




You will receive either our North Face or Therm-a-rest’s down alpine mummy bag which has an impressive temperature limit of -6C. Boasting quilted blanket interior, foot warmer pocket and cinchable fitted design. Best of all, these sleeping bag are certified for responsible, sustainable down manufacturing. We carry extra blankets, pillows and sleeping bags for your comfort.

Inflatable Mattress




You will also be given one of our self-inflating lightweight roll mats from the leading brand in this area, Therm-a-rest, to make sure you have the best nights rest on any trek. Upon request and availability we can also provide camping beds to make you just at home.



inca trail trek 1

X Huayna Picchu
X Machu Picchu Mountain
X Hiking Poles (available for rent)

W H A T  . T O . B R I N G

   Original passport
✓  A daypack to carry your personal belongings
✓  Lighter style trekking boots with good ankle support
✓  Warm clothes, fleece and layers for variable temperatures
✓  T-shirts and trekking pants
✓  Underwear and walking socks
✓  Camera / Phone
✓  Sunscreen + Lip Balm SPF30+
✓  Insect Repellent (50% DEET)
✓  Sunglasses & Sun Hat
✓  Waterproofs
✓  Toiletries
✓  Refillable Water Bottle