The complex of Raqchi


Todo comenzó cuando el sol viendo el estado penoso de los hombres, creó una pareja de las espumas del Lago Titikaka. Su nombre Manco Capac, el varón, y Mama Ocllo, su esposa. Les colocó un cetro de oro y les ordenó ir por el mundo para civilizar a los pobladores. Les encargó fundar un reino, […]

Prepare for your Trip to Peru


Prepare for your Trip to Peru Peru Festivals Celebrate good times! Whether you’re visiting in the middle of rainy season or right at the peak of the high tourist season, there is always something to celebrate in Peru. Make sure you don’t miss out on the party- Check out this list of holidays to see […]

What to Expect When Arriving to Cusco

Leaving The Airport Okay, you’ve disembarked your flight, passed through immigrations, and collected your bag. You have some lef5tover currency from home and a credit card, but no soles (the local currency of Peru). Your hostel is booked and you know the address, but that’s it. You know some basic Spanish, but not enough to […]

Altitude sickness in Cusco


Altitude Sickness In Cusco If you are planning a trip to Cusco, Peru chances are you’ve heard of the high altitude and risk altitude sickness. If you come from low altitude areas closer to sea level, you may experience what is called altitude sickness, mountain sickness, or sorroche by Peruvians. Changes in elevation affect different […]

5 Exotic Drinks You HAVE to Try on Your Trip To Peru


5 Exotic Drinks you have to try on your Tripto Peru The culture of Peru is packed to the brim with diversity, and you will likely have no shortage of unique experiences. From the food to the music and the incredible natural beauty, you won’t have to wait for very long to try something new. […]

10 Crops That are More Delicious in Peru


In the Andes regions of Peru there is a plethora of incredible and delicious crops that you have to try to believe they actually taste better. In no particular order, these 10 crops come from some of the finest farms, usually free from chemical pesticides and GMOs that many other farmers across the world insist […]

Essential and Peruvian Spanish


Don’t need to be a fluent Spanish speaker to visit Peru, but of course it is always a good idea to know a bit of the local language. A lot of people in Peru speak both Spanish and English, especially in touristic areas. At restaurants, you can speak either language and most likely be understood. […]

A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Cusco


If you’re like me, there is nothing that gets a day started better than a cup of coffee. In Europe or the USA, coffee cultures are highly unique. In New York, you might go to the same shop every day for the same drink. In Spain or Italy, you might have an espresso in the […]

Cost of Life in Cusco


Cusco, Peru is one of the cheapest cities in South America to live. Consumer prices including the cost of rent are almost 50% less than in the United States, for example. As of March 2018, 1 USD is the equivalent of 3.27 Peruvian soles, and 1 Euro will get you 4.07 soles in Peru. Of […]

How is Cusco as a Destination for Digital Nomads?


The world is getting smaller every day, thanks to the technology we have. Most people dream of travel, of visiting faraway places and exploring new cultures. But alas, duty calls, and our travel dreams are often crushed by the reality of 9-5 work. That 2 weeks of vacation per year just isn’t enough. But what […]