This hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping tour captures the majestic power of Machu Picchu. It fuses it with various extreme sports and incredible trekking to give you the most action-packed experience. Downhill mountain biking, white river rafting, zip lines, raging rivers, sleeping deep in the jungle, walking along the lost Inca trails up sheer cliffs shrouded in clouds before reaching the mysterious and stunning ruins of the the 7 Wonders of the World Machu Picchu, this tour has it all!

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Embarking on this once in a lifetime trek you’ll enjoy the sunset in Machu Picchu during the first day with few visitors, and arrive early on the second day to witness the amazing sunrise, surrounded by majestic Andean peaks through the mountains and the jungle one of the best ways to reach Machu Picchu


We are 100% locally owned and operated with many years of dedication to providing the adventure of a lifetime at the best possible price. We operated 100% of your trek ourselves eliminating the need for “middle” men who drive up the cost, and offering an exclusive, one-of-a-kind–time.



Give Back! Southern Peru Explorers is an eco friendly, green company who sources local food and staff. Give something back with your holiday by investing in a company who invests in the environment. We are constantly seeking to support local businesses as well as to generate as little impact as possible. Be part of the difference.

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Day 01: Cusco- Ollanta - Patallacta

This epic trip will begin with an early, 7am pick up from your accommodation in Cusco. We will drive about two hours to the Incan resting place of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley. After a short break in Ollantaytambo, we will continue driving for another 1.5 hours to the Abra Milagra– a hike mountain pass that separates the dry and cold, Andean sierra from the transitionary, Ceja de Selva, eyebrow of the jungle. This cold and picturesque peak marks the starting point of downhill biking. Our guides will give you a full safety briefing in preparation for a 3-hour descent by bike, where you will pass through small villages, streams, and coffee and fruit plantations. We will make a brief detour to visit the archeological site of Huamanmarca and then continue onwards to our final destination for the day, Santa Maria, where we will enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch, we will take a quick rest, and with energy levels replenished, we will prepare for an exhilarating rafting excursion on the nearby Vilcanota river, known to have rapids that vary between Level II and Level IV. After our rafting excursion, we will return to Santa Maria where we will share a delicious dinner and then rest in hostel accommodations. 


Facts and Figures: Active Time: approximately 6 hours, Distance Covered: 76km/ 47mi, Elevation Gain: -2770m/ – 9,088ft, Starting Point: Abra Milagra 4200m /13,779ft, Ending point: Santa Maria, 1430m/ 4691ft

Facts and Figures

Day 02: Patallacta - Llulluchapampa

Today will be a more demanding day, as we will be gaining a lot of altitude. Over the course of the day, we will hike halfway up to the highest pass on the trek. Leaving Llactapata, we will continue onwards 1.5 hours to Wallabamba where we will begin our steady ascent, continuing upwards 2 hours to Llulluchapampa campsite at 3800m/ 12,470ft. Along the way, we will take in outstanding views of the Huayanay peaks to the east, and the rugged Vilcabamba mountain range to the west. We’ll also visit one of the most exclusive sites on the Inca Trail– the Inca fort of Paucarcancha, with pristine ruins and a sacred temple. We’ll arrive We’ll arrive at our campsite in Llulluchapampa by nightfall for dinner and rest.

Facts and Figures: 

Day 03: Llulluchapampa -Phuyupatamarca

Today will be our most challenging day as we will be climbing two high passes, to begin with, the highest point of the Inca Trail, the Abra de Huarmihuañusca, or “Dead Woman Pass,” at 4200m/ 13,779ft. We will face a steep ascent for two hours until we arrive at the top, above the clouds. We’ll do a mini victory dance before descending to the valley of Pacaymayo. Once on the valley floor, we’ll make a second ascent for a smaller pass, traveling through the Runquraqay archaeological site along the way. After the second pass, we’ll explore another site, Sayaqmarka, before heading down to the magnificent, “Cloud Level Town” of Phuyupatamarca. Here we will make camp on the Inca terraces, eat a warm dinner, and sleep under the bright stars.

 Facts and Figures:

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Our tours are designed to reveal a “slice of life” the places you will Explore with us. We have included as much as possible in the price, allowing you to discover and enjoy your holiday.

Tour Guides

All of our guides have studied both English and Tourism. They are native to the region and have a true passion for teaching others about their culture and heritage. All our guides are experienced with the Inca Trail and other high altitude treks. They will support you and ensure you are safe and happy throughout your trip.


We are one of the few tour operators authorized to both book your permits and operate on the Inca Trail. Permits are registered in your name with a specific date and cannot be modified after confirmation. Your tickets will be purchased by us and looked after by your guide until the time they are needed. These include:


We provide you with a boxed lunch for our day hike. That evening, we will dine at a restaurant in Aguas Calientes. The second morning we will eat breakfast at our hotel accommodation. We will enjoy lunch at a restaurant in Aguas Calientes on the second day before returning to Cusco. All four meals are included in your expedition cost.


Accommodation is included in this expedition. Depending on availability, we typically lodge you in a three-star hotel. If you would like an upgrade, let us know and we can ensure you stay in your desired hotel. The hotel we reserve for you will be listed on your invoice.


The night before your Machu Picchu hike, we will visit to your hotel (lobby) also flexible in our office for your briefing. During the briefing, you will meet your fellow travelers for the next couple of days, your guides who explain the itinerary in detail and will give you duffel bags where you should pack your stuff and which will be carried by porters later

fisrt aid

Every guide Outdoor first aid trained and carries a first-aid kit and oxygen for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.). In case of emergencies, every guide is equipped with a satellite phone which will allow for a quick exit off the trail to get you directly to a clinic for treatment.


We will always make sure you have clean drinking water at all mealtimes, and enough for you to refill your bottle when needed. We use fresh spring water running down from the mountains. We require that you bring a water bottle/s or Camelbak. To care for our spectacular environment, we humbly request that you use a reusable non-single-use plastic bottle.


Your transportation from and to this trek is included. You will be picked up directly from your hotel in Cusco and taken to start of your trek in Ollantaytambo.  After your return riverside journey on the train, you will reach the train station where you will be picked up by van to take you back to your hotel in Cusco.

Bus to Machu Picchu

Every guide Outdoor first aid trained and carries a first-aid kit and oxygen for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.). In case of emergencies, every guide is equipped with a satellite phone which will allow for a quick exit off the trail to get you directly to a clinic for treatment.



These unforgettable experiences, designed just for you, along any of the available routes, with the possibility of being. So, if you plan to make this hike, take note of all our tips to fully enjoy it.


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To hike the Inca Trail, you must have a permit, which we will obtain for you. The first step to booking your trek is to make sure government permits are still available for your desired start date 



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To hike the Inca Trail, you must have a permit, which we will obtain for you. The first step to booking your trek is to make sure government permits are still available for your desired start date


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